AIMIKE New Store Launched!

Feb 26 , 2024


AIMIKE New Store Launched!

As is known, TikTok is a widely known social platform with over 1 billion monthly users, attracted by the platform’s easy access and diverse contents. With the basis of such a large audience, TikTok has introduced the TikTok Shop, allowing users to shop while staying on the app.

Why Buy at TikTok Shop?

1) Easy access and seamless experience

TikTok users can see products demonstrated by their favourite influencers and access it with just one click without having to leave the app, enjoying seamless shopping experience.

2) Great TikTok Shop discounts

First-time TikTok Shop users are highly welcomed with generous discounts.

3) In-app discount alerts

After making a purchase, you can receive alerts about future discounts, aware of the most favorable prices.

AIMIKE TikTok Shop is Here!

TikTokers, we’ve got good news for you!

AIMIKE always follows the latest fashion and listens to your voices. And yes, we now have our TikTok shop after months of preparation. Just follow our TikTok (@aimikeofficial) or search “AimikeDirect” to indulge yourself in a brand new shopping experience with AIMIKE.

If you happen to be a TikTok influencer, feel free to contact us for the chance to collaborate!

And your opinions are appreciated as usual, which will no doubt help us develop better and further.