How to Use a Round Brush?

Jul 02 , 2024


How to Use a Round Brush?

What’s Round Brush

As we all know, a round brush is used to create straight, wavy, curly or more styles. With a larger barrel, it could offer more volume, ideal for longer styles. With a smaller barrel, it will be more suitable for creating tighter waves, especially on shorter styles.

Here follow us how to use a round brush for a perfect at-home blowout!


How to Use a Round Brush?

1. Choose a right size

First of all, to achieve satisfactory results, it’s always important to choose a round brush of the  size suitable for your hair.

At AIMIKE, we now have round brushes of 4 different size and below are guides for reference:


a. 2.1-in barrel

Hair length: Below the collarbone/ chest

Result: Smooth/loose waves

b. 1.7-in barrel

Hair length: Between shoulder and chest

Result: Medium & soft waves

c. 1.3-in barrel

Hair length: At shoulder/chin

Result: Small &tight curls

d. 1-in barrel

Hair length: Above chin /bangs

Result: Small & tight curls


Have you chosen the suitable size? Then let’s move to the next step!


2. Preparation

a. Start with hair wet (15%-20%)
b. Detangle hair (Apply heat protect product if needed)
c. Section hair with  hair clips and blow with nozzle


3. Smoothness/ Volume in 3 Steps
a. Wrap a small sectionof hair around the brush each time
b. Dryfrom roots and work your way down to ends
c. Adjust the heat from dryerto cool and keep the shape


4. Curls/ Waves in 3 Steps
a. Hold your brush vertically
b. Twist the hair off the brush
c. Once you've curled the whole head, shake for perfect blow out


Hope this will help you! If you don’t wanna miss more hair tips from AIMIKE, then follow us. And if you're interested in AIMIKE Round Brushes, visit here!


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