How to Straighten Hair Correctly?

Jan 09 , 2024


How to Straighten Hair Correctly?

Nobody likes messy hair but wants beautiful straight hair. As we all know, in many cultures, straight hair is associated with youth, beauty, and femininity.

In the quest for shiny, smooth straight hair, there’s no denying that heated hair straightener offers a fine solution.



In some people’s opinion, using a hair straightener will damage their hair. This myth, however, should be bust. It actually has a lot of benefits you might not know, and all you need is correct use. 


Step-by-Step Hair Straightening at Home

1) Hairwashing

To achieve perfectly straight hair, it’s recommended to wash your hair beforehand with a sulphate-free shampoo.

 2) Towel drying

Give your hair a quick towel dry.

3) Tangles removing 

Remove knots or tangles, if possible, with AIMIKE tree-shaped detangling brush.

4) Apply a heat protectant

This helps achieve shiny, smooth straightness without compromising the health of your hair.

5) Blow drying your hair

We suggest you blow dry your hair using AIMIKE Round Brush. This means less work for your straightening process.

6) Make sure your hair is completely dry

Using straighteners on wet hair takes longer time and causes unnecessary damage.

7) Use a quality straightener

Last but not least, remember to have the right hair straightener.


AIMIKE Hair Straightener

To offer you the best hair straightening experience while ensuring further protection, AIMIKE has launched a brand new Hair Straightener.

Some benefits of using AIMIKE Hair Straightener

Suitable for all hair types

It will give you excellent results without damaging the hair, whether you have dense, fine, or frizzy hair.

Temperature Selection

The heat can reach up to 390°F with 5 temperature settings to choose from to achieve the kind of style you're looking for.

Even heat distribution

The uniform distribution of heat minimizes heat damage and loss of hair moisture.

Safe, easy to use

With an anti-scald design, our straightener brush is able to get close to hair roots without burning scalp. 30-minute auto-off function ensures safety and 360° swivel cord allows for free movement without tangling.

After reading the article, we hope you're now feeling confident in how to straighten hair.


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