Some Hair Care Tips

Aug 07 , 2023


Some Hair Care Tips

Why is Our Hair Important?

Hair, one of the most important part for our body, is always underestimated. The fact, however, is that hair not only add to physical beauty, but also provides adequate cushioning to protect the skull against unwanted pressure. Just imagine how lashes protect your eyes.

Besides, hair also indicates health conditions. With healthy hair, it shows our diet and hygiene routines are good enough. Of course, poor hair health signifies the opposite.

Should you encounter various hair problems, AIMIKE is here to help with some hair care tips for reliable solutions.


Common Hair Problems

Before jumping to solutions, let's explore some of the most common hair problems first:

1) Hair loss

2) Hair breakage

3) Grey hair

4) Split ends

If you have tried all efforts to fix these problems but failed, it is time to change your hair care routine.


Reliable Hair Tips

First of all, we should realize the hair problems mentioned above always result from daily diet and everyday routine. Split ends, for instance, are usually a result of over-brushing or the lack of oiling shampooing. Similarly, hair breakage or hair fall might occur if you are frequently wearing tight hairstyles that pull on your hair, etc.   

Therefore, let’s try some simple easy-to-implement tips:

  • Get hair trimmed and split ends removed regularly;
  • Comb/Brushhair daily;
  • Leave hair freeand avoid suffocating them with frequent hair styling;
  • Include foods that are good for hairin daily diet; 

  • Get yourself scalp massage.

When it comes to scalp massage, you might be afraid that massage by fingers might easily hurt the scalp or damage the nails. AIMIKE Silicone Shampoo Brushes provide a viable solution, while allowing you enjoying scalp massage even during the shower!

Remember, hair care is not necessarily expensive. What matters more is your determination and insistence.


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