When AIMIKE Meets Morandi Palette

Mar 15 , 2024


When AIMIKE Meets Morandi Palette

What Are Morandi Colors?

Morandi colors, created by Giorgio Morandi, don't refer to a specific hue and are characterized by their muted tones with a hint of gray, more neutral purer.

Benefits of Morandi Colors - Why Are They Popular?

a) In the fast-paced society, we are overwhelmed by noise, materialism, and more, leaving us feeling nervous all the time.Morandi Colors reflect a peaceful feeling with a hint of detachment, a vital pursuit by all in the hustle and bustle of today's world.

b) These subtle hues of Monrandi colors possessan understated elegance, conveying a refined aesthetic that gains popularity across various fashion domains.

Applications of Morandi Colors

- Clothing

- Package

- Product design


AIMIKE Morandi Series

Inspired by this palette, AIMIKE has launched products of Morandi Series.


Find your inner peace while exploring understated elegance with them:

- AIMIKE Morandi Shampoo Brushes (leaf-shaped)

- AIMIKE Morandi Clips

- AIMIKE Morandi Shampoo Brushes (Round)

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