Why is Proper Hair Brushing Important and How?

Sep 07 , 2023


Why is Proper Hair Brushing Important and How?

We have been taught from very young that brushing hair is what we are supposed to do, just like brushing teeth, or other common self-care practices.


What is Hair Brushing?

First of all, hair brushing, a method of hair care, involves removing tangles, smoothing hair, or more with a comb or brush. This simple task is actually doing our hair good, but do you know why? Below, we will share with you why it’s such a necessity how to do it right!

Brush Hair

Benefits of Hair Brushing

- Distributing your hair’s natural oils more evenly

- Getting rid of tangles and knots

- Reducing dandruff and build-up

- Promoting hair grow and blood flow

- Letting you looks better and making styling easier

AIMIKE Detangling Brush

How Often Should We Brush Hair?

It's time to talk frequency. Brushing hair will surely bring us numerous benefits, but please undertake it based on your hair types and textures and avoid doing this too much:

1) For long, straight hair - 3 times a days

Helps stimulate production of natural oil and leave tresses a gorgeous finish

2) For thin hair - once a day

Recommended to brush thoroughly a day and give a few gentle strokes when knots occur.

3) For curly hair - once weekly or on wash days

Recommended to brush when hair is wet or conditioned


Last but Not Least - Use the right hair brush!

We can never emphasize too much the importance of choosing a suitable brush to go with an ideal hair care routine. That’s why we have launched brand new AIMIKE Hair Brush Detangler!

It’s designed to be used on different hair types and can effectively remove knots without tugging, great for both wet or dry use. Besides, the “breathable” air bag will deliver soft cushioning that will comfortably massage your scalp while brushing hair.

If you happen to need a new hair brush, give ours a try!


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